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Kentucky Derby is Coming Up! How to Celebrate

The iconic and fun event, Kentucky Derby, launched in September last year but was celebrated with no attendees. The event, with its quirks and fun elements, is back this year and is all set to be celebrated on the first Saturday of this month. But only half of the total percentage of fans will attend the event in person.

But just because you can’t go outside, it’s no excuse to stop celebrating the grand event. That is to say, you can do plenty of things to celebrate the Kentucky Derby at home.

Still unsure how? Keep on reading to find out.

How to Celebrate Kentucky Derby

Decorate Your Home

Undeniably, the Kentucky Derby is an excuse to purchase a new hatfestive outfit, or seersucker suit.  You can easily brighten up the things in your dig by putting up some decorative items. Suppose you want to make it more exciting, set up a booth, and take some fun selfies. Use props to showcase your interesting   Kentucky Derby look.

Play Some Games

The Kentucky Derby is an opportunity to play a variety of unique games, such as wagering on a champion. Don’t hesitate to wager anything from candies, hats to money to keep the feel light.

Buy some fun and exciting Kentucky Derby-themed games, like a selfie scavenger hunt, scratch-off cards, or pin the tail on the horse from Amazon, along with the prize bags. 

Don’t Forget the Dress Code

If you don’t feel like celebrating alone, how about throwing a mini party? Play games with your guests to celebrate the grand event. 

But remember that your party will be incomplete without a Derby day dress code.  Set a theme as a host and let your guests follow the lead. You have a margin to go all out with a dramatic dress, major hat, or a full suit.  In short, you can wear anything that appeals to your eyes.

You can go for a bold cap or festive fascinator, with any printed ensemble or bright dress for the ladies. However, guys can stick to the seasonal essentials such as Derby-specific ornaments like a needlepoint belt or a pocket square.  Even a colorful suit can do the job.

After all, the Kentucky Derby is not the time to feel understated!

Prepare the Delicious Signature Derby Drink- a Mint Julep

 It goes without saying that a signature Derby drink- mint julep is what completes the Derby party.  The refreshing drink became official in 1938. Today, people serve more than 120,000 mint juleps during Derby season at Churchill Downs.

The julep recipe includes bourbon, water sugar, crushed ice, and fresh mint.  But it doesn’t mean that you can’t add your twist to this drink. You can search for some interesting additions to your Juleps and turn them into a cocktail.

Summing Up

All in all, if you can’t go out but don’t want to miss the Kentucky Derby, the following ideas are fantastic to make the most of your Derby celebrations.