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New Relationship? 12 Tips to Keep it Healthy

Have you found the one you always dreamt of? Then it is only right for you to feel new relationship anxieties. When you find your soulmate, you want to do everything to protect the relationship from messing up.

Here are fifteen pieces of advice to help you build your relationship into a healthy and strong one:

  1. Keep your past from your new relationship, especially if it is a bitter or sordid one. By keeping your past away, it does not mean you hide essential events of life from your new partner. Let them know everything because relationships you build on honest last for life. However, don’t keep bringing everything from your previous life into your new one. Keep bitter memories and mistakes away.
  2. Accept your partner’s flaws and not just their attractions. You have to live with the entire being for life and put up with their shortcomings.
  3. Discuss your future as a couple and the life you two plan to spend. Let each other know of your ambitions, how many kids you wish to have, where you plan to settle in the future etc. It is important to be on the same page when planning the entire life together. Where plans clash, it causes irreparable conflicts.
  4. Maintain clear communication from the start. Talk about everything, your hurts, your expectations, and your preferences in the intimate life, your beliefs and values, etc. Your partner deserves to know it all.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone for the other’s sake. Does your partner love paragliding, but you never fancied it? Experience it together. Share in each other’s thrills and passion. It does wonders for the relationship.
  6. Never hold back any aspect of your life from your partner. You are not called ‘soulmates’ without reason. The bonding runs soul-deep, and your partner deserves to be a part of every aspect of your life, both good and bad.
  7. Do not glam up always. No one spends their days at home looking like a model off the runway. Let your partner see you in sweats and PJs, doing the dishes, etc. Let them accept you as you are.
  8. Share all the load together, from house chores to financial burdens. When you share the load equally, life becomes easier for both.
  9. Invest in actions more than words. You need not be too extravagant. Simple acts of love, like giving him/her a rose, making his/her favorite meal one day, helping him/her with house chores, etc.
  10. Do not get too clingy out of possessiveness and jealousy, as it can drive your partner away from you. Being needy of his/her presence, time and attention is cute, but only to a certain extent.
  11. Give them his/her space. Let them spend time with their family and friends even if it means staying away from you for an evening. Honor their plans and space.
  12. Listen to your partner. Be curious about their day and their likes and dislikes but all in a healthy way.