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Organic & Natural Makeup Perfect for Your Face

More and more people are opting for eco-friendly, environment-friendly, and organic materials in the fashion and makeup world. Many makeup brands that are preparing organic and natural makeup items. Here is a list of the top 5 organic and natural makeup brands perfect for your face.

1. ILIA, Natural & Organic

ILIA get their beautifying products from a mix and match of purely organic botanical synthetics. They strive to form a balance between clean, skin-pro, and natural ingredients plus the safest synthetics for best results. Their beauty items are non-GMO and free from sulfates, parabens, glutens, and talc.

ILIA has carved a niche for multi-purpose beauty serums and color sticks. So all of this is to beautify your lips, eyes, and cheeks. These products come with an added skincare ingredient for protecting the skin from environmental hazards. Their moonbeams highlighters are a treat to use.

2. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is one of the best organic skincare brands. Their products are non-GMO and free from propylene, petroleum, pesticides, silicone, talc, sulfates, artificial dyes, and artificial fragrances.

Their products are of great value for brightening the skin of any texture and color. The facial products will also cover up the uneven skin tone and minimize dark spot visibility. This aspect comes from malic acid derived from natural green apples.

So, why not choose Juice Beauty? Juice Beauty products are certified organic product that steer clear from toxins, synthetics, fertilizers, and pesticides.

3. Vapour

It’s a Mexican brand that has changed clean makeup line. It also rejuvenated foundation, lipstick, blush, mascara, and eye shade methodology. Vapour a nontoxic and cruelty-free makeup brand.

Their beautifying products will give you a light-reflecting look on the face, due to multi-dimensional but natural mineral pigments. Their products are famous for wearing a soft veil on skin that allows the light to shine through.

The overall complexion of their makeup will get you the best eye definers, and soft-focus foundations. Their best is non-sticky buildable blush and Elixir Gloss. You will love both with a great urge to use them again and again.

4. W3LL People

This line of makeup contains no fillers, glutens, petrochemicals, petro by-products, and propylene glycol that make it perfect for human skin. Not only are they handmade beauty products, but that means they make it more subtle and the most natural makeup you can ever wear.

The people at W3ll People always aim to work about how much your skin can absorb the addition of makeup.

Their products mostly contain Aloe Vera that will moisturize and soothe your skin in the best possible manner. So, their best product is Expressionist Mascara, and Optimist Lipstick, which will leave no room for using the balm.

5. RMS Beauty

RMS beauty line is best known for its dewy looks and mimicking second skin makeup.

Nonetheless, this is very organic and natural makeup line. Their products are non-GMO, non-nano, and non-allergic. They are also free from any traces of parabens, silicone, sulfates, talc, petroleum, and polyethylene. Their packaging comes from recycled, eco-friendly glass and paper boxes.

The RMS Beauty has definitely made an impression in the organic beauty industry few could match. Their ingredients selection is meticulous with emphasis for no-effect on the skin and a long shelf life. 

Their best products, as per user’s feedback are their iconic Living Luminizer and creamy Cover-up concealer, which will never block your pores.


So, you may be wondering which makeup brand to go for. Well, it would be best if you carefully went through the makeup line and checked which one suits you the most.