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Secret RF Microneedling vs. Laser Scar Removal

Microneedling vs. laser scar removal are two of the most effective skin spa treatments catering to different issues such as stretch marks, wrinkles, lines, and more. Laser scar removal has been in the mix for a while, but is the Secret RF Microneedling more effective and worth it? Well, to find out, you must read this article and learn which treatment will help address your specific skin issue better. Both microneedling and laser scar removal have different types of treatments, which is why it might get confusing for you to choose the right one.

Microneedling vs. Laser Scar Removal

Both these treatments have some major similarities, but both give different results depending on the issue you face. One of the main similarities of both these treatments is that they use “dot therapy.” Dot therapy helps treat specific affected areas as this allows all the surrounding tissue to support and keep up with the healing process. When undergoing any of these treatments, you will see a wound on the skin that naturally triggers the healing process.

If you plan on using any of these treatments, you will need to get it at least three or more times for effective results. Then, you will see major skin upgrades. Both microneedling and fractional laser treatments treat acne scars, stretch marks, lines, and wrinkles. As you can see, there are many similarities between both these treatment types, but when it comes to laser stretch mark removal, only one of these is the best option.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are a very common occurrence in women and some men as well. They are a result of sudden weight gains, pregnancy, use of corticosteroid creams, and puberty. Sometimes, stretch marks become so prominent that they turn red and ruin your skin appearance. If you don’t like the appearance of stretch marks, you can get a laser treatment to fade them.

The Best Treatment for Stretch Mark Removal

The best FDA-approved treatment for stretch mark removal is Microneedling, especially the radio frequency kind. Though Microneedling Vs. Laser scar removal is effective; Microneedling gives far more effective results in diminishing stretch marks. There are many advantages of getting a laser procedure using the Microneedling treatment for your stretch mark. These cater to a more significant reduction. The fractional laser treatment is entirely safe and adjusts to all skin types.

The Microneedling treatment includes modified ways to tighten skin tissue better, allowing the stretch marks to diminish faster and effectively. Other than treating stretch marks, the Microneedling treatment also helps in treating acne and is very good for the whole body and neck specifically. Hence, you achieve an all-rounder effect with the help of the Microneedling treatment.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Secret RF?

The Secret RF treatment is a Microneedling treatment that helps eradicates stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and extra skin on the body. The Secret RF treatment successfully manages to target these issues through the use of insulated needles and radiofrequency energy that helps create heat in specific areas.

 This type of treatment helps increase collagen production, improving your overall skin appearance. According to the Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics Reports, secret RF treatment has increased by 99.5% over the recent years due to its remarkable success rates. Some of the main things that Secret RF targets and improves include wrinkled skin, acne, scarring, and sun-damaged skin, stretch marks, and fine lines.  Mentioned below are the benefits of using secret RF treatment.