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Spring Clean Your Life: How to Do it in Just 30 Days

More critical than cleaning your home this spring is to clean your life: de-clutter, let go, and replenish the good that you’ve lost over time. A detoxed, cleaner, lighter, and healthier heart and soul is highly beneficial for a better life.

Here is how you can do it all in just thirty days:

First Week

Begin the first week by prioritizing good health. Swap out unhealthy food items from your diet for whole foods and organic ingredients. Next, assess your financial status and eliminate all unnecessary and unfruitful expenses.

If you haven’t started working out, build a routine immediately and choose exercises you enjoy comfortably. Then, reorganize and clear your pantry.

Second Week

Check your emotional status and let go of emotional baggage that is weighing you down. Clean and transform your shower, try to stop complaining, and look at things more optimistically. Keep your finances on track, too, while reducing all unnecessary spending.

At this point, it would be good to survey your bank statements and cancel the recurring charges you don’t use regularly. Focusing on your financial security is as essential as prioritizing your health.

Quit social media channels that don’t make you feel good anymore or cause jealousy, frustration, and ungratefulness. Reorganize your closet, donate old clothes and also build a good bedtime routine.

Third Week

The point of spring cleaning your life is to let go of all the negativity that ruins the quality of your life. Bitter and negative emotions are prime examples, and in the third week, you must make an action plan for letting go of stress, anger, and loneliness from within.

Just as you’re letting all the emotional junk flush out of your system, simultaneously keep clearing the junk from your drawers as well. Start focusing on healthy home food and invest more effort into meal preps for the week ahead.

When you’re eating well and feeling healthy emotionally, too, life seems to feel a lot better. In case your mind is unable to let go of its burdens, try penning your emotions down onto paper. The therapy might help.

Fourth Week

Now is the time to give your relationships an overhaul. It’s time to categorize your people into relationships you want to continue and enjoy and break out of toxic burdensome and feel like an emotional trap. If it takes reducing your circle to keep only the good ones in life, then go ahead and do it.

Also, take your exercising regime a level higher this week. Go for sweaty cardio and steam showers after, deep clean your rooms, fill free time with stimulating hobbies and improve your skincare routine. By now, you have undoubtedly saved enough to invest in non-toxic and beneficial skincare products.

Start converting some areas of your home into tech-free spaces, filling them with indoor plants and greenery instead. Spread a purifying vibe across your home this week.

Final Thoughts

With our clear and precise guide, you can spring clean your life quite effectively in just thirty days. From feeling accessible emotionally to living in a clutter-free, green home, you’ll love every aspect of your non-toxic and reorganized life.