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Saving Money With These Top Apps

Truth is, if saving money were easy, then half of us wouldn’t make financial resolutions each year. However, we’ve got some money saving suggestions that you can pick-up on at anytime. Consider what we deem to be the 4 best money saving and money making apps to date!

Ready, Set, Save Money!

Many mobile applications boast about their ability to help you save money, but which ones are actually worth it? If you’re busy like the rest of society, then you’re probably also looking for something that’s not super time-consuming. Consider these options below:


A financial assistant in your pocket, Trim has the power to help you automate your financial life. After securely connecting your accounts, Trim will analyze your connected accounts to determine where you can save more money. It’ll specifically look for those recurring subscriptions you have and cancel them upon your request. Maybe you no longer need those weekly newspapers or monthly clothing boxes, huh?

Trim also has a Bill Negotiator, where it helps users save $5-$50/month with Comcast and more! With Trim, you can really make the most of your money without investing a lot of your time.


Do you often shop at Amazon and want to get paid for it? Then you might want to check out ShopTracker. Sign-up for an account by simply completing an application. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Birthday
  • Street Address
  • Zip code
  • Gender

After that, you’ll be asked how often you make purchases on Amazon, the type of account you have on Amazon, and the number of accounts in your household. If you qualify, you’ll need to install the application and sync it with your Amazon account. Following successful installation, ShopTracker will automatically pull data monthly from your account and you’ll get paid for it.


Looking for a bank with no monthly fees, overdraft fees, or foreign transaction fees? If yes, then meet Chime! Chime comes with a Visa debit card, savings account, and checking accounting; it’s very ideal for those who like to bank on-the-go. By opting in to their ‘Save When You Spend’ feature, every time you spend money, it automatically rounds up transactions to the nearest dollar and transfers it to your savings account. They also automatically transfer 10% of every paycheck directly into your savings account, so you can’t help but save!

You Need A Budget

An application that can be used on your computer, phone, tablet, Apple Watch, and Alexa is ‘You Need A Budget’. After connecting your bank accounts, you can set-up some goals and start easily tracking them. Individuals who love visuals will love seeing their progress in graph and pie chart form. Need some extra assistance setting up a budget? Check out their live workshops or send them an email!


Want to save money without thinking about it? Then download ‘Digit’! Once you’ve securely added your bank accounts, Digit will calculate how much you can comfortably save everyday and automatically set it aside for you. The money is added to your Digit savings account and can be retrieved by simply sending Digit a text message. You’ll be able to access the money in your checking account on the next business day free of charge. Guess what else? There’s no account minimums!