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The 7 Best Halftime Shows in Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl hosts many outstanding football games. But, there are other bigger reasons to watch Super Bowl. The halftime show is a must-see section of the event. The first performance took place in 1967 and since then many celebrities increased Super Bowl viewership.

Top Super Bowl Halftime Moments

Here are some best halftime show moments in Super Bowl history that earned high ratings:

1.     Destiny Child Reunion

In 2013, Beyonce, a 28-times Grammy winner had a reunion with Destiny’s Child bandmates. This was a surprise reunion that left Super Bowl crowd cheering in joy. The bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland performed Independent Women Part I with Beyonce. The reunion caused delay in the game’s second half.

2.     “Purple Rain” In The Rain by Prince Halftime Show

Prince started his halftime 2007 show with some originals and covers, which includes “Baby I’m a Star” and “We Will Rock You”. The Super Bowl performance went classic when he started signing “Purple Rain” when the rain started.

3.     Michael Jackson’s Moment Of Silence

Michael Jackson, a legendary singer had a two minutes moment of silence in front of over a 100 million viewers. However, the audience couldn’t follow him, intensifying the cheers. After standing silently for couple of minutes, he started the show with a mash up of “Black or White” and “Billie Jean”

4.     Leap of Faith by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga took a Leap of Faith in 2017 after performing a pre-recorded medley at halftime. Hundreds of aerial drones were surrounding her as she drop from the roof of Houston’s NRG stadium. After she landed on the stage with wires, she danced and sang “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, and “Bad Romance”. After the songs she took a leap and catches a football.

5.     Left Shark by Katy Perry Halftime Show

In 2015, the Katy Perry performance became the most watched show during halftime with more than 118.5 million viewers. Her set had a robotic shooting star and a giant metallic lion. She performed “Left Shark”, which was later dubbed by her costumed backup banker.

6.     Power Slide by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s performance at 2009’s Super Bowl halftime was indescribable. He sung famous hit songs “Glory Days”, and “Born to Run”. Also, people loved the show for his stage-slide, which end up as a fail and he went straight into the camera.

7.     9/11 Tribute by Bono Halftime Performance

The first Super Bowl game after September 11 attack was outstanding where U2 paid tribute to the people who lost their lives in the incident. While the Irish rockers played “MLK” and “Beautiful Day” the lead singer Bono reveal an American flag from under his jacket.

The above-mentioned Super Bowl halftime moments were popular and most-watched in the history of Super Bowl.