The Advantages of Investing in Your 20s

Some people may think an investment is a lifetime achievement while others take it as a way to secure money. However, both types of people wonder what the right age for investment is.

For budding young adults, the investment seems appropriate when they are stable, financially. And usually, this is rarely the case. There are others who start investing early for getting the advantages as early as possible.

The 20ish age bracket looks like the right time for you to start making investments, and you will notice its advantages during your retired life. How? Well, we will explain the reasons, to boost your confidence for an early investment.

Time and Investment

Early investment means, to start at an early age. Remember that earning opportunities and money may not be enough for young adults at an early age. However, they have one thing in plenty: time.

The timely investment can have benefits for investing $10k at age 22 that will grow to $80k by the time you reach 60 years. The same investment at age 30 will get you only $43K by the time you are 60. See, how time can affect your investments in a big way.

So, the longer time you invest money, the more benefits you can get from it. The mantra is, earlier the better.

Once you invest and the money kicks in, then you work to grow an investment by re-investing the earnings.

Take Risk

Young people, for example, who have a longer time span, have the potential to take on risk. Simple, most likely they won’t need the money for several years. Having more time means they can re-shuffle or re-invest their savings if any of their investment plans go wrong.

As the people grow, they limit their options by going for low-risk or risk-free investments, like bonds and certificate deposits, etc.

Longer Terms Plans

The long-term plans you may well start in the early 20s to get the best results at a later age. For example, Dow Jones fell over 50% in the 2008 recession. It started making gains by reaching a pre-recession position in 2013. The young investors waited for its recovery as they had time in hand.

Young investors can absorb such events because of the time they have in hand and their sights on longer investment plans. If you’re 25 now and planning to retire at 65, then you have a time cushion of 40 years for the investment part. So, young ones by investing at an early age can gain at a later age, the way it should be.


Young investors have everything on their side to get a first-hand taste of success and failure.

Investment plans and their management is not simple, it needs patience for understanding. Youth can overcome their investment mistakes because they have time to recover. 

Young age investments and their benefits will give you a better, retired life.

Technology and Right investment

The young generation has all the know-how, information, and knowledge to study, research and go for investment. Online trading hubs are providing all information and business data for such investments.

However, you can check that what investment will make you pay $190 per month now, and get its reward to a sum of $1 million in 40 years. The earlier you invest, the better you stay.


It does not mean investments are for retirement age alone. There are other investment plans like dividend stocks that provide support of the income stream throughout the investment span. 

20-something investments have definite benefits, and you should plan to make an early one, even if it is a small amount.