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The Apps I Use Every Day That Make Life Easier

You need smart tools to make your life easier in this fast paced world. Otherwise, you won’t be able to succeed with your goals. There are many tools or applications available to maximize your productivity and live a smarter life. This piece will discuss some apps that I used every single day and found effective to make my life easier. Let’s review these apps:

1.     Calm

Meditation has a plethora of benefits to obtain mental peace and clarify thoughts. That’s why meditation classes are mostly full. Calm is a meditation and mindfulness app with a simple and easy interface. If you want to improve your meditation game, you can download the app and enjoy the calmness. The app includes many background sounds such as silent clouds, mountain lakes, and sunset beaches.

2.     Spendbook App

Many of us spend more than what we actually earn. I used to be the same. But, since I downloaded Spendbook to track my finances, I can cut off additional expenses and save more. This application has a user-friendly and sleek interface. Using this app you can customize your spending and record your daily expenses in different categories. The app also includes advanced financial tools such as interactive and intuitive charts to manage everyday income and expenses.

3.     RunKeeper

Do you want to meet your fitness goals but don’t have a personal trainer? You can download RunKeeper to challenge yourself, lose weight, and even practice for a race. You can choose from different levels and customize your running plans. Also, you can partner with your friends and celebrate progress with them. Also, you can compare workout routines and compete with them.

4.     Airtasker App

Whether it is a weekday or a weekend, handling your house chores such as vacuuming and gardening is always overwhelming. A few months ago I found an app, Airtasker that allows me to easily outsource my tasks with few clicks on my smartphone. This application is incredible as it allows you to hire cooks, gardeners, and even revivalists for personal assistance. With this app, you can hire people to handle menial tasks, while you enjoy the weekend.

5.     Pocket

Do you love reading articles and blogs, but don’t get enough time during weekdays? If yes, then you should download Pocket. Pockets allow you to save articles and videos for later. I found this application quite effective as it enabled me to save important content and access them from any interlinked device. What’s more, you can view the saved content even while you are offline. So, if your travel quite often, you can save important content to read on the flight or the bus.


Digital innovation has changed the way we used to perform our daily tasks. The above-mentioned applications are a few examples but there are thousands of apps to simplify your lives. You can find personal and professional applications for different devices such as computers and smartphones to prioritize your tasks and achieve goals.