The Best Easter Activities for The Family |


The Best Easter Activities for The Family

There’s nothing like the joy of family and more so at Religious festivals. Easter is a time of merriment and playing silly games, even if you’re all adults. Being the second biggest family event of the year, it is only fitting to invest extra efforts to make sure Easter is an enjoyable time for all the family members.

What better way than some exhilarating and crazy family games to start the fun? Here are some great ideas for you:

1.    Eggo Deco

Eggo deco is an utterly silly game but tell us if the adults don’t squeal with delight while playing this one. For eggo deco, you need to place some Easter-themed stickers upside down on a flat plate or tray with the sticky side up.

Then you place an egg on the plate or tray and roll it around, trying to decorate it with the stickers. Mind you; no one can touch the egg in the process. Whoever gets the most stickers on is the winner, and whoever drops the eggs from the plate loses.

2.    Craft Station

Adults can be worse than kids at arts and craft, and here is an excellent way to have everyone howl with laughter. Prepare a craft station, ready with basic supplies for the family gathering. Have everyone make some Easter bunny ears and wear them on. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures of everyone looking ridiculous and delightfully childish with their funny bunny ears on.

3.    Spring Showers

This one is a whole level of crazy fun. You divide the entire family into teams. Then each group appoints a member who will wear a shower cap lathered with whipped or shaving cream on top. The rest of the team members have to throw Cheetos on the shower cap.

Every piece of Cheetos makes one point, and the more Cheetos, a team, manages to stick on the cap, the more scores they earn.

4.    Flower Planting

Easter is the time of rebirth, which is why we symbolize it with eggs. But what better way to celebrate new life and rebirth than with a tree? Turn this into a memorable and fun family activity by making everyone plant daffodils or tulips.

You can even plant indoor flowers and others, but we promise the entire family will love this activity.

5.    Egg Push

You undoubtedly know about the egg walk, but what about the egg push? Take the game a level higher by giving each player an egg. The race includes rolling the egg using their nose only and no other body part, from the starting line to the finish. The one who completes it first wins the race.

6.    Treat Rope

Some adults will play this game with more delight than others. This game includes tying a long rope or piece of string between two trees, or you may also have two members hold the corners of the string.

The strings must hold many treats, such as cookies or donuts or any other sweet treats. Players from two teams have to work their way through the string, each from the opposite side, eating as many treats in between as possible.

The condition is that the players can only use their mouths to reach the treats and eat them without using their hands and letting them fall. The one who eats the most treats wins.