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The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services In 2021

A well-balanced diet is essential to living a healthy life. However, with all the hype and anxiety around diet culture, it can be tricky to actually consume what your body needs. There’s always a new food or drink or supplement that claims to be the best healthy option. This makes grocery shopping intimidating for many people.

However, there are more at-home meal delivery kits available that take the anxiety out of grocery shopping and give you the nutrients and delicious foods that your body craves. We’re going to highlight the top three meal kit delivery services for you right here.

Home Chef – The Family Meal Kit Fave

Home Chef offers 38 different meal options each week. With that, the subscriber has the ability to modify each meal to their specific needs. Modification is important, especially for people who are or live with picky eaters or those who have special dietary needs. The delivery service is extremely flexible and allows you to accommodate more people when necessary.

Along with meal kit services, Home Chef also offers ready-made meals that require no prep and minimal cooking time. With them, you have the ability to choose a variety of different meal styles including grill-ready packs, 15-minute kits, and culinary specialties for entertaining. The cost of this meal kit delivery service begins at $7.99 per serving and allows you to add on extra features for a price.

Green Chef – For the Plant-Based Itinerary

Although they also offer meat protein plates, Green Chef is an excellent choice for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The meal kit delivery service has three different menus to choose from: keto + paleo, balanced living (standard), and plant-powered. The ability to choose between menus and mix and match different meals allows for flexibility when needed.

Green Chef is a certified organic company and they use completely eco-friendly shipping materials to avoid larger carbon footprints. Depending on the plan you choose, meals start at $9.99 per serving each week. The company also allows you to skip up to four consecutive weeks if needed.

EveryPlate – Healthy Eating on a Budget

Meal kit delivery services can get pretty pricey, but EveryPlate is one of the most inexpensive services available. Unlike the other two services we’ve mentioned here, EveryPlate starting costs begin at $5 per serving each week. Subscribers can choose between eight meals each week and you get special sign up offers when you start using their services.

The only downside to using EveryPlate is that the lack of choices each week makes it trickier for those who have dietary restrictions or follow vegan/plant-based diets.

In Conclusion

Meal kit delivery services are the best option for anyone who doesn’t like venturing out to the grocery store each week. They give you flexibility by adding more time into your day and take away the stress by giving you recipe ideas and all the ingredients necessary to complete them.

In 2021 especially, meal kit delivery services are the safest and most convenient option for meal planning and grocery shopping. Whether you have dietary restrictions or you need something on a budget, there’s an option out there for you.