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The Best Streaming Services To Subscribe To

It seems like every year there is a new streaming service that comes out. Some people love to sign up for new streaming services, while others like to stick to the ones they know. Either way, there are always new streaming services available. Some people might assume that Netflix is the best option available, but that has changed in recent times. Check out the newest list of all the streaming services available.


HBO has everything included with HBO, plus tons of new shows. You can pay for a version with ads or without depending on your needs and your budget. Friends are also on HBO Max along with tons of other shows that were removed from Netflix.

HBO also has some spinoffs of shows including The Peacemaker, a spinoff of Suicide Squad. HBO also has tons of original programming which are really well-made and have many famous celebrities that you will recognize from other TV shows.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus hasn’t been around for as many years as the other options, but it still has some solid options that make it a great choice for many reasons. Along with Disney shows and movies, Disney owns other properties that are all included with the Disney plus service.

This includes Marcel, Star Wars, and all 10 seasons of The Simpsons. It’s a few dollars cheaper than other streaming services, so it’s a great option if you want some streaming services at a cheaper price point without breaking the bank.

They are also testing the waters for a PPV service. This will include movies that have recently been in theaters.


Hulu used to not be a tough competitor because it had significantly fewer shows and movies than Netflix. However, Hulu now has tons of current shows that come out the day after they are released on cable television. This is a great way to keep up with current shows without having to pay for cable.

Hulu also has tons of Hulu original shows which are some of the best shows currently out. Many people are turning to Hulu for interesting shows that aren’t available on Netflix. They have a no ad option that is a little more expensive or you can stick with the ads and save a few dollars every month.


Sling is one of the lesser-known options, but still a great choice if you are looking for shows currently on cable. They also have many ESPN channels, so it’s a great option if you are a sports fan.

You can also watch NBC, BBC America, CNN, and Cartoon Network. TBS and the Food Network are also included.


Of course, Netflix has to be included because it’s one of the most popular choices and stable in most American households. Netflix has tons of original shows from a variety of countries. They also have older movies and shows if you are looking for a certain genre or era of films.