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Biggest Beauty Trends to Try in 2021

2021 is the year a lot will change. From turning a new leaf to becoming a healthier nation, we have a lot left to accomplish. 2020 changed how we live, work and socialize, and brought significant changes in our beauty regimes.

This year, as we go about our new normal behind face masks, our makeup trends will adapt to meet the moment. We’re going to have brighter and more attention-grabbing eyes and some exciting nail trends.

What else can we look forward to from the beauty industry? Let’s discuss that below:

1.    Fluffed Up Big Girls

Since we can’t grab much attention with all of our faces this year, we’re going to grab it alright with voluminous, significant, and super fluffy curls. You may think of it as the return of your mom’s hair from the ‘80s.

Hair trends are going to be all about natural texture and tons of variations in the curl department.

2.    Eyes will shine Brighter

Colorful eye makeup will take the lead, and we will see more of the euphoria-inspired trends. 2021 is going to be the year for bolder, bigger, and brighter eye shadow colors. You may want to consider eye looks resembling a rainbow.

3.    Natural Skin

We lived through times of matte and heavy makeup. Then we shifted to a sloppier, dolphin-like wet and glistening look. In 2021, we’re going to embrace our natural beauty without the layer of cosmetic products on. The industry will celebrate the natural skin, and beauty trends will veer towards the not-too-matte yet not-too-dewy looks either.

We will see concealers, foundations, and powders that resemble our natural skin and highlighting its natural texture.

4.    Natural Nails

Nail artists from the industry are predicting this year will see more neutral gel manicures. There will be more matte or glossier nails, a look that will aim at elongating our fingers. The new nail trends will incorporate some sparkles or a gold accent for a little extra touch for a delicately glamorous but not overpowering look.

5.    Bolder Brows

Quarantining all of last year did not allow eyebrow grooming for nearly all the women around the world. This allowed everyone to grow out their brows, but this will become a notable trend this year.

We will see more defined and filled in brows, and honestly, they look utterly bold and sexy.

6.    Thin Winged Eyeliner

Thanks to Bella Hadid, who popularized the “fox eye” look, we’ll see even more focus on the winged liner looks. We sported thick and long wings until last year, but we’re going to see quite a refreshing change. Eyeliner looks will favor more casual and breezy lines that will wing out only slightly at the ends.

7.    Face-Framing Hair Colors

This year face-framing bold hair colors from the ’90s are going to have a comeback, but with better variations. We will see beauty trends along with chunkier highlights framing the face and vivid shades.

Final Thoughts

2021 is going to the year we all will revitalize and revamp, and it seems the beauty industry is on the same mission. Some exciting new trends are looming above the horizon, and each promises to make us dazzle like never before.