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The Don’ts of Designing Small Spaces By An Expert

Whether it is your first-ever apartment or a tiny hostel dorm, it is important to decorate it so that your small space feels more homely. You may have already tried a few things to make your home feel welcoming, cozy, and beautiful. However, decorating small spaces can be a real challenge as the slightest change in positioning furniture can take up all the available space or free it up for more room. In fact, a lot of things that you think would enhance the ambiance end up doing the opposite.

There are no hard and fast rules to what furniture or décor items you should pick for your personal space. After all, it’s yours, and it’s totally okay if you love how your space feels and looks. However, interior designers have a lot to say when it comes to designing small spaces. And we agree that such tricks make a big difference. Let’s have a look at what you shouldn’t do while decorating your space.

No Dark Colors

Darker hues like navy blue or black surely make for great décor as they add sophistication and personality to a space. However, it is not the best choice when it comes to spaces that are already small and congested. The dark colors can often give the feeling of the walls closing up on you.

You may have already realized that your space looks smaller and congested when you paint the walls or install curtains in dark colors. Therefore, it is better to go for lighter hues and neutral tones to paint your walls and decorate your space with. Such colors can make a small room appear bigger and more spacious. They will also serve to brighten up the area.

No Patterns

Similar to how dark tones can make a space look small, patterns can make it look busy. If your space already has a lot of things sitting in it, it is best not to go for patterned décor. While it can look really stunning and stand out, grabbing a lot of attention, it is not a good option for smaller spaces.

Small spaces generally do not allow room for a lot of décor. And if you add patterned pieces, it can just get worse. Patterns and vibrant colors can give the space a busy feel and overwhelm it.

An easy way to make your space reflect back your personality is to experiment with textures instead of colors and patterns.

Don’t Overlook Light Fixtures In The Small Space

 When it comes to small spaces, interior designers choose décor and designing methods that can make the space appear more spacious and bigger. Adding lighter colors and subtle textures helps with eliminating the feeling of a closed and busy space but is it enough? Using light colors and allowing as much natural light as possible inside your space is good yet insufficient. While you may not feel the need, they can make a big difference in brightening up your space.

Make sure you get your hands on some traditional lamps for the heavy lifting up that will make your home look lighter, brighter, and bigger. Make sure you use all kinds of lighting fixtures you can get.