The Low Effort Ways I Earn An Extra $125 A Month |


The Low Effort Ways I Earn An Extra $125 A Month

Earning money in my spare time has always been a kind of hobby for me. I love hacking my spare time and using it to generate income, even if only in passive ways. There is nothing like being able to pay all my bills, have some spending money, and still have money left at the end of the month after budgeting for everything else.

The only problem is, I don’t generally like to stick to anything with a very rigid schedule, so any thought of a dedicated side hustle went right out the window. So after a lot of digging and some research, I found a healthy handful of ways to earn both active and passive income. Here are some ideas to help give your account some wiggle room.

Surveys and Focus Groups

This is the one that most people focus on, largely the portion of the survey since there are so many paid survey companies. The caveat of doing surveys is that there are a lot of spammy and even outright scammy survey sources. But once you find a reputable survey site, such as HiveMind or Respondent, you can spend a good portion of your free time answering questions and earn modest sums. Focus groups pay much better but are rarer and harder to do continuously.

Cashback Cards

If you can effectively manage your credit spending, be sure that you are taking advantage of a solid cash-back offer. Find one with a 1%-3% cashback deal, and use it for anything it qualifies for. Just be sure that you keep an eye on your utilization ratio if you’re concerned about your credit score.

Gig Opportunities

The gig economy is booming, and there are tons of organizations that need help on a daily, weekly, or gig basis. This could be working as an extra in a local film project or even working election polls or walking dogs. The money is modest for the hours you may work, but it’s a steady bit of income if you need it and most gigs will pay for training as well.

Selling Items

This isn’t one you can do all the time, but if you were looking to minimize some of the clutter in your life, you could use a marketplace app like Facebook, Poshmark, or LetGo to pare down your stuff. I use this method about every three months or so, just to keep up on it and make a little scratch as well.


Rebates from shopping rebate apps are a great way to earn passive income on money you’re already spending for things you already use. Ibotta is a popular app, but there are several that all serve a similar purpose.

Selling Plasma

More profitable than blood donations, and it can be done more often as well. Many plasma centers will allow three donations per week, paying up to $50 per trip, with bonuses for those that are new to donating.