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Try These Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Do you have a Halloween party invitation but no time to get a costume? Or are costumes just not your thing? In any case, a good Halloween makeup look is the perfect solution. You can still look dressed for Halloween without having to run to the store last minute or wear an uncomfortable outfit.

Here is the thing about Halloween costumes: you spend a considerable amount of money on a costume that you can’t even repeat the next year. Also, Halloween costumes are often very uncomfortable, not allowing movement, and the parties go un-enjoyed.

So, if you are wondering what to do, we recommend you go for an easy outfit with a bomb makeup look. There are hundreds of Halloween makeup tutorials that you can find on YouTube. And, don’t worry if you are a beginner. There are also easy ones for beginner makeup enthusiasts that just look just as good.

We have gathered some fantastic Halloween makeup looks, all in one place, so you can choose easily. The tutorials are very detailed and suit beginner makeup artists and experts alike. Not only this, you will be left in awe at how amazing they look.

1.    Scarecrow makeup look

YouTuber Hannah Belle filmed this fantastic scarecrow makeup tutorial that you can try this Halloween. This costume is ideal for last-minute Halloween party plans. Plus, you don’t need any extra supplies to create this look – just makeup essentials that you probably already own. The easy-to-follow tutorial makes use of warm tones for eye shadow for a fall vibe and black eyeliner to draw scarecrow lines. You can easily pair this with a plaid button-down shirt and a straw hat.

2.    Zombie inspired look

If you wish to add the horror element to your Halloween getup, you must go for this zombie makeup look by Melissa Alatorre.  You will need cool-toned shades of eye shadow and contour. This is for creating depth in your eyes and cheekbones for a sunken-in zombie effect. The makeup artist here also uses some fake blood and eyelash glue to enhance the scare factor.

3.    Skull makeup

This super easy last-minute look by Emma Cervin is something everyone can do. It involves painting a skull that still stands out among all modern-day Halloween looks. All that you’ve got to do to get this look is draw some precise lines with detailed contouring. As for the eyes, you won’t go wrong with a basic smokey eye. The look is not at all complicated and never fails.

4.    Morticia inspired makeup look

Halloween remains incomplete without the mention of The Addams Family. The most iconic and classic Halloween costume remains the Morticia look. You can go all crazily creepy following this makeup look that is super easy and beginner-friendly. You only need to do a red lip and make use of dark eye shadows to recreate her popular look.

5.    60s girl look

This eye-catching makeup is certainly hard to resist. It does not really match the Halloween theme but still works for the occasion. It is cute and easy at the same time. You can easily create this iconic look in under 20 minutes by following Jackie Wyer’s tutorial. If you wear makeup on a regular basis, it’s likely that you already own the necessary products to create this look. After all, it only makes use of a few eye shadows. You can wear this makeup with a short black dress and knee-high boots.