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Want to Quit Your Job? Here’s How to Do it Like a Pro

Do you want to quit your job? But how?

Let’s read the article to get an idea about the best ways to leave a job like a pro.

Consider Switching Departments

If you are planning to switch from one company to another, you need some time to search for the right job. Of course, it will take months, if not a year. You will have more leverage if you accept a new job when you are already working.

However, if your reason to leave the job is your fussy department manager, then first consider moving to another department within your company. Your employer would not want you to go, and they may allow you to change your department. They can take advantage of their investment in your professional growth.  You may want to quit your job before you find an offer, but it can be a costly mistake for you. It’s better to keep it as the last option.

Check Important Details of Your Departure               

Before leaving, do your complete research. Check what salary and employee benefits you will receive upon quitting the job. Make sure to find out about the unused sick and vacation pays. Also, ask the authority about what will happen with your 401 (K) or other pension plans.

Some employers also arrange an exit interview before the departure of the employee. Review some samples of the interview questions from the internet so you can answer more confidentially and professionally.

Give Advance Notice

Although two weeks advance notice is standard in most companies, it can take a longer time to replace some type of professionals. If you have a good position that involves certain types of complex responsibilities, you may need to give advance notice a month before quitting.

Besides this, if you are a member of a labor union or have an employment contract, then the agreement you have signed may have certain requirements that you have to fulfill. Before leaving the company, make sure you have checked the notice period in this agreement. Do remember that when you give notice to the employer, they have the right to dismiss it and terminate you immediately if you don’t follow the agreement.

Always Resign In-Person

You might don’t have great relations with your boss, but it doesn’t matter. The way you quit your job will reflect your professionalism and approach towards responsibilities.

So, don’t worry about the awkwardness, and talk to your employer in person. Sending an impersonal resignation on email will only make you look rude and dismissive. Yes, a one-to-one meeting will not be simple and easy, but that’s how professionals deal with it.

Bottom Line

So, these are some ways to quit your job like a pro.  You can also give feedback to your company on why you are leaving. Plus, don’t forget to inform your colleagues about your resignation.