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What I Wish I Knew Before I Did Home Renovations

As fresh DIY-ers we all start out with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and readiness for adventure. Years down the line, when we look back, we call regret not taking the time to find out certain things or not making assumptions that would have yielded better results for our home renovations.

In this blog, I’m going to share what I wish I knew before I renovated, to help you refrain from committing the same:

1. Do Not Start With Sweeping Renovation Changes Right Away

The prospect of home shopping is especially more exciting for us due to the prospect of getting to redecorate it as our own. In the excitement, we usually launch into the major haul as soon as we move in. Now that I look back on my home renovation journey, I wish I taken the time to first adjust to life in the new house.

If I had, I would have known better that the trendy new paint shade I’d chosen would make my living room look even darker and cavern-like. I would have realized which sheers to use or not to keep the sunlight flooding into my room in control.

The best approach is to put your to-do list off till you have adjusted to life in your new home, observed each and every nook and cranny in all lights at length, recognized your new self in the new house and then proceed.

2. Asking Local Contractors for Quotes

I wish I had not underestimated the costs of updates. If I had not relied on TC shows with stunning home makeovers so much, I’d have known asking local contractors to give quotes would have been the better idea.

Often home owners end up taking out loans because they fail to get quotes from local contractors and don’t realize the actual home renovation expenses could far exceed in reality.

3. Not Factoring in Temporary Housing During Renovations

If a home renovation is to be a large-scale one, families often have to temporarily relocate to motels, AirBnb rentals or ask friends to rend out their guesthouses. As such, being away from your kitchen and your own utensils mean you have to spend a lot more on takeout meals or restaurants.

If I’d known that, I would have budget better.

4. Consider Alternatives

Another thing I wish I had seen back as a renovating home owner was that I could do a lot of things differently, if I had taken the time to research. Often we let TC shows cloud so much of our logic that we believe there is only that way to renovate our deck, do up our kitchen or go for light fixtures etc.

What we see in a DIY video is not the only way to handle a task because what works for others might not necessarily work for your house. The best approach is to review more tutorials and methods before embarking on a renovation task.

5. Not Working with a Professional

Often we let the misconception that a designer or architect rip us off precious money cloud our decisions, The fact is that these professionals are the experts are the best ones to verify whether what your envision is practical for your home or not.

Often home owners end up tearing walls and putting up elaborate fixtures that end up being disastrous with the structure and chemistry of the house. Ask the experts if you’re on the right track to avoid any renovation disasters.