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What Is ‘Squid Game’? Netflix Series Explained

The unexpected no.1 show on Netflix of this year is a Korean drama called ‘Squid Game.’ It reached an impressive milestone just four days after its release. It is the biggest series launch of the company and the first Korean series to hit the top.

If you ever had any preconceived notions about K-dramas, it’s time to lay them to rest because Squid Game is not your ordinary K-drama. This is because its leading themes are particularly bloodshed and violence. Released on 17 September 2021, it is still a hot entertainment topic across the world, even a month later. Its blood-soaked ensemble and dark humor are highly addictive and worth binge-watching, according to numerous Netflix users.

Here is all to know about the popular show. So, whether you’re already a fan with questions or wish to know what the hype is about, read on.

Disclaimer: There may be little spoilers, though only to explain the basics.

‘Squid Game’- The idea of the show

According to the creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk, the squid game is a children’s game that they play on a squid-shaped court. This is explained in the first episode by the series’ main character, Seong Gi-hun. The game he played with his friends in the neighborhood during his childhood years ultimately takes a deadly turn in the upcoming episodes.

Written and directed by Hwang, the squid game was scripted in 2008 but faced numerous rejections from all production houses that he approached. He drew the series from his financial struggles and humble beginnings. Inspired by Hwang’s life, he turns the children’s games graphic by incorporating physical and psychological twists. This means the taut thriller can be found to be very disturbing for some viewers.

What is Squid Game about- The survival drama

The series is a contest among 456 desperately indebted groups of players with a prize of KRW 45.6 million. These players from all walks of life are first tricked into a blood-soaked tournament. They then realize that their only chance to win the cash that they needed to survive maybe volunteering to play unto death. Each death wins them hundreds of millions, but the chance of survival is quite low.

The series focuses on a lead character, Gi-hun, who is unable to provide for and is on the verge of losing his daughter. Not only this but his elderly mother is also shown as very ill. Likewise, each player is very desperate to win money, which there is their main motivation to participate in the fatal game. It is a horror drama series, but the flawed characters also evoke feelings of sympathy among the audience.

Squid game may give you some Hunger Games vibes, but the show is quite remarkable on its own. It is well-performed and powerfully scripted, which makes it so addictive. You will see iconic costumes which resonate perfectly with the Halloween season and theme. And, the urgency in the show makes everyone want to binge-watch all at once. You will keep coming back after every episode, even if it is just to see who lives or dies. The graphic thriller is a crowd’s favorite for its roller-coaster final episode. There are also some great meme-worthy scenes that contribute to the show’s popularity.