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Why Time Off Is Good for Your Health

A workaholic usually sees “taking time off” as something they can do later. But they don’t realize how necessary it is for their growth and mental health. Research shows there are many people who have succumbed to illness by overworking. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), 745,000 people pass away from ischemic heart disease caused by overworking every year.

Taking time off doesn’t necessarily mean having to go on vacation. Rather, it can mean paying attention to yourself and giving yourself a break from work. There are many reasons you’ll want to take some time off, so read further below to learn how it can benefit your health in a good way.

1.    Helps Refresh You into a More Productive Person

Taking small breaks at work is always refreshing and necessary. Now imagine taking a whole month or a few weeks off from work. You’ll definitely feel refreshed and energetic once you return. Your productivity levels will increase, and you’ll pay attention to work with a cool, calm, and motivated mindset.

2.    Gives You Time to Work on Your Relationships

It’s not easy to maintain relationships or meet friends regularly when you have a tight work schedule. But, it is important to meet your friends weekly or have a cute family night every Friday. Meeting with friends helps you realize that your loved ones are always there for you and vice versa. Taking some time off will help you make up for all the missed nights out and dinner dates.

You can also go for a small road trip for a week. You’ll see the therapeutic effect a small road trip can have on your mental health. During a tough career life, you need to have the support of your close friends and family. However, you need to maintain your relationships with them for that to continue.

3.    Helps you Achieve a Mental Break

When constantly working throughout your day, your brain tends to push back. That’s where you start to experience different mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, etc. This will also soon start having a bad effect on your work, and that’s the last thing you need. Taking some time off will allow your brain to rest and give you time to clear your head. Clearing your head lets you get back to work with a more refreshed and energized side of you.

4.    Allows You to Rethink About Your Goals

Taking time off will also give you time to think if your job is something you want to continue. You might come up with something more of your liking or a brilliant idea that may get you to the top.


Right now, taking time off from work may seem impossible. But the benefits it has on your health are bound for you to take one now. So it’s time to apply for your leaves and take that long break you deserve!