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Why You Should Get a CPA to Prepare Your Taxes

There is nothing as annoying or necessary as filing your taxes. It is never any fun but is something that every American adult has to do every single year without exception.

You can always file your own taxes and it is rarely that complicated. It takes a lot of time and it can be boring but it doesn’t suck up too much time. However, sometimes you need extra help to get your taxes done. That help will come in the form of a CPA, a professional who is specially trained at filing taxes for people. When do you need the help of a CPA? What instances call for a CPA instead of doing the taxes yourself?

The IRS Contacts You

Uh oh, this is never fun. The IRS may contact you for any number of reasons, they aren’t always bad. But they are usually complicated and need to be handled in the most professional manner possible. Professionalism is exactly what you get with a CPA. They know exactly how to handle and deal with the IRS and they will make any interactions with them way, way easier and way less of a headache.

You Have a Side Gig

In this modern age, many people make their money with various jobs, or gigs. Do you drive for Uber? Maybe you deliver food for DoorDash. If you do, that could complicate the tax filing process and that means you need to bring in a CPA to get it done. You deserve to have an easy filing procedure and that is what you get with a CPA doing your taxes because you have multiple gig jobs.

You Own a Rental Property

Are you a landlord? Do you rent out a home or real estate investment? If so, a CPA should be employed when you are filing your taxes. A CPA will make renting a lot easier and will also be able to find all the deductions you could enjoy. Remember, these CPAs are trained professionals and they know how to file taxes accordingly and smartly. They will save you extra money and use all the tricks of the trade to make being a landlord easier than ever.

You Are Investing your IRA or 401K

Many people self-direct their Roth IRS or 401k money into investments in bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Others invest in real estate with the money they earn from their IRAs or retirement funds. It can be a very smart and financially beneficial call, but it can also make filing taxes way more complicated. If you are doing this and making money this way, use a CPA to do your annual taxes to get rid of all the complications that these self-directing moves can make.

There are many reasons to use a CPA, from the ones listed above to the simple fact that they make filing your taxes a complete breeze. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need any reason to hire a CPA other than the fact that it will take your taxes out of your hair and make tax season a simple, laid back time. You can kick back and relax while others are stressing out about the IRS.