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How to Prep for Performance Review & Get a Raise

Despite enjoying your work and being happy with it, performance review still scares us all. It is that time of the year when you have to sit down and go over your performance with the manager. The review can either result in you staying at the same place or earning a raise. It is both time-consuming and causes anxiety. However, if you are prepared beforehand, you can save yourself from getting worried about it. Here are a few tips to prepare for a performance review and even land a raise:

·      Think of Your Performance Review as a Job Interview

You must remember how you did all the preparation before landing this job. Your performance review will analyze your current performance and possible prospects for a raise. So, take it as applying for a higher-level job. Revisit your old interview practice approach. Have your friend do a mockup interview.

·      Show Your Achievements

One of the important techniques is to show your achievements. Make a good presentation about what objectives you delivered and how much they positively affected your company. Brainstorm the value that you bring to this company. Show them how it can improve with your work in the future. You can talk about an upcoming project that you think is perfect to lead with your experience. These ideas will present a positive image to your manager and a possible raise.

·      Prepare to Get Criticized

This is your performance review of the year. It cannot be all positive, so you have to make up your mind to accept the criticism that you will receive. Listen to it and note down the points. You might not agree with all the criticism, but you have to accept it as your future in the company depends on it.

Explain to your manager how you will overcome the observed criticism and ensure your commitment to the company.

·      Review Current and Future Goals

Go over your previous goals and come up with future goals. This will show your boss your commitment and dedication to the company. You might even land a raise if your boss considers your efficiency. If you have already met your previous goals, that counts as a big plus for your raise.

·      Present Your Case for Salary Raise

You need to directly bring up the salary raise objective on the table. After all the discussion, make a case for your future in the company. Show them how you have earned the right to get a raise depending on the past performance. Tell them how you fulfill all the requirements and should get a raise. A strong case from your side will grab your boss’ attention.

Your hard work and commitment will determine how far you have come and how far you can go. You have done everything in the past year, so all you can do for your performance review is to be one step ahead. Review your performance, prepare for your boss’ analysis and be sure to present a powerful case that lands you a raise.