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How to Protect and Clean Your White Furniture

White furniture adds a completely different aesthetic to your house or room. It also adds to the subtle soft vibe you’re trying to create around your living space. No matter how elegant it may look, homeowners usually avoid it. Most people avoid white as it gets dirty very fast. More importantly, it is bound to get ruined if you have kids and pets around.

But, there is a solution that will allow you to freely maintain white furniture. Mentioned below are a few ways on how you can protect and clean it.

1. Regularly Lint Roll Your Cushions

Lint rolling your white furniture is one of the best hacks to maintaining and keeping it clean. You can do this after every two weeks or when you feel it’s needed the most. Leave the lint roll on for a few days, as this way; you will get rid of any pet hair or threads from clothes. It’s best to do this when you’re not expecting any guests.

2. Get Slipcovers For Your White Furniture

Slipcovers are a very good way to protect your white sofas or cushions. These protectants prevent spills from ruining your sofa or their white touch. You can easily wash the covers whenever you feel like it and use them back again. These are quite the lifesaver for anyone who owns white furniture.

3. Limit Sunlight Exposure

If you have white furniture, then you must keep it away from the sun. Too much sun exposure will cause discoloration, which will ruin the whole outlook of your furniture. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see any discoloration appear on your furniture. So no keeping any of your white wooden furniture near your windows.

4. Avoid Using Bleach

If you want to clean your white bedding, then best keep it away from bleach. Bleach causes your furniture to turn slightly yellowish over time. So instead of bleaching it, spot clean any stains before you thoroughly wash, and you’re good to go.

5. Spot Clean Your White Furniture

Spot cleaning can remove stains and spills on your furniture instantly. This is a good extra cleaning stage before you put any of the white covers into the washing machine. This tip is especially handy for when there’s a red wine spill!

6. Acquire Stain Guard from All your White Furniture

White furniture is bound to get dirty somehow. So it’s best to take measures beforehand so that you protect it from major spills and stains. The best way to prevent dirtying it is by treating it with a stain guard. You can attain this service from professional cleaners, and it will save you a lot of time cleaning and worrying about your white furniture.


Hopefully, you learned something about how to better maintain your white furniture. So now, you don’t have to concern yourself with the question, “what would I do when it gets dirty?”